Föda (Fœda)

Old Norse for food

Wholesaler of Organic and Clean Foods
Bulk Ingredients and Retail


Launched in 2018, FÖDA is Australian owned and operated.
With a focus on innovation, value, and quality, our health products are certified as
Organic, and Kosher. We also meet the BRC Global Standards and, HACCP Codex and
are members of Sedex for Ethical Sourcing. We have an Australian and global network of growers
and processors, with hundreds of organic natural ingredients and value-added foods available in bulk for food
service and retail packs.
This puts us in a unique position to become your strategic partner.

If you are a supermarket team member or processor searching for a reliable source
with an innovative approach, fast turnaround, better quality, and better value,
we are here for you.

Certified Organic,
GMO Free

Certified Organic,
GMO Free

Certified Organic,
GMO Free


Our products are designed to provide a complete quality and affordable solution in various categories of groceries. We intend to continue to work with our Australian and international partners to cover major staple groceries. Despite global pandemic affecting all areas of production and supply chain, we are committed and will bring new and exciting products throughout 2022


We strive to meet the highest quality while maintaining our competitive edge hence we are audited and certified by
several certification bodies, in addition we are members of international sustainability and ethical sourcing organizations.


Our brands are a representation of product categories and their origins, designed to be uniquely positioned as a market leading health and innovative brands across the food industry.


Föda Organic

Föda Kosher

Föda Gut Health

Haoma Foods

Bellissimo & Bellissimo BIO


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